Monday, April 29, 2013

Mystic Mondays: Chills (or other signs)

Right now, it's 1:42 AM, the first wee hours of Monday. Across from me, my love has his blankets twisted at his feet while he sleeps in some strange position. And right now, a small chill of knowing flashes through my limbs. I'm here. Right where I ought to be.

I believe in free will. I don't accept predestination, predeterminism, determinism, something-against-your-willism. That said, I still think there are moments that you realize that you are right where you should be, doing what you must, as is proper to your character as you have developed it in your personal experience.

At those moments, I get the chills.

It's a supernatural experience. It is the breath of the Universe rushing over your skin. Something, somewhere, knowing you better than you know yourself, God, the Great Mother, Gaia, Brahman, what have you, telling you that you're on the right track.

I know these chills are sacred. I cannot induce them. Music cannot induce them. But moments of proper action and sudden enlightenment bring them on. And right now, I sense the chills creep on me again.  As I write this, I see my progress in recognizing my own signs. I'm reminiscing over what I've done, what I've thought, and I see a general path for myself. It is knowing this path that gives me the chills right now.

These chills are warm, enlightening, exciting.

Discover what gives you the chills.

Peace and surrender,
Mad Allen